Penn State Highlights

Penn State Highlights

Watch highlights of Cam, also known as Derek Wake, when he played for Penn State.

CFL Feature

Watch how Cam became a dominate force and how he got his chance in the CFL.

Got Ups?

A video of Cam taking money down off of an almost 12 foot ceiling.

Youth Tip

Cam teaches gives the youth some tips on how to become a better defensive end.

Fan Made Video

A fan made video of Cameron during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

NFL All Access

Cam gives a tour of the Miami Dolphins facilities before the 2012 season.

Mic’ed Up Prowl Bowl

Cam get’s Mic’ed up at one of the AFC Pro Bowl practices.

Rude a-WAKE-ning

An NFL Network segmeant on how Cam is becoming a force in the NFL.

Weekly Media Availability

During every game week the Media gets time to interview Cam about the upcoming game. Come back here every week and click the picture above to see what Cam has to say.